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Courtesy Sugar Hill Records

Byrd Doings: Band News

Copyright 1998 Tim Connors

NEW!: The ByrdWatcher
Interview with David Crosby

Courtesy Sierra Records

NEW!: Gram
Parsons Profile

Courtesy Sierra Records

Clarence White Profile

Courtesy A&M Records

Gene Clark Profile

Copyright 1997 George Felton

Roger McGuinn Profile

BYRDWATCHER: A Field Guide to the Byrds of Los Angeles

"Your first stop for the latest Byrds news has to be ByrdWatcher...
Filled with solid information ... Well worth the visit."

-- The Rough Guide to Rock


News & Interviews
  Byrd Doings
  What's New on This Site
  ByrdWatcher Interviews
     David Crosby
          Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
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Byrds Albums
  Mr. Tambourine Man
  Turn! Turn! Turn!
  Fifth Dimension
  Younger than Yesterday
  Notorious Byrd Brothers
  Sweetheart of the Rodeo
  Dr. Byrds & Mr. Hyde
  Ballad of Easy Rider
  Farther Along
  In the Beginning
  Never Before
  The Byrds Boxed Set

Byrds History

Member Profiles
  Roger McGuinn
     '56-'64 | '64-'74
     '74-'77 | '77-'81 (MC&H)
     '81-'91 | '91-'98
  Gene Clark
     '57-'64 | '64-'66
     '66-'68 | '68-'70 (D&C)
     '70-'73 | '73-'77
     '77-'80 (MC&H) | '80-'91
  David Crosby
  Chris Hillman
  Michael Clarke
  Kevin Kelley
  Gram Parsons
     '60-'65 | '65-'67 | '68
     '68-'69 (FBB) | '69-'70 (FBB)
     '70-'72 | '72-'73 | '73
  Clarence White
     '54-'65 | '65-'68
     '67-'68 (NW) | '68-'73
  Gene Parsons
  John York
  Skip Battin

Byrds Spinoffs
  Nashville West
  Dillard & Clark
  Flying Burrito Brothers
     '67-'69 | '69-'70 | '70-'72
     '74-'79 | '80-'85 | '85-'97
  McGuinn Clark & Hillman
  Byrds v. Byrds
     '84-'88 | '89-'90 | '91-'98

Byrd-Related Musicians
  Artists Covered by the Byrds
      A-B | C-D | E-G
      H-L | M-P | R-Z
  Other Influences on the Byrds
  Associates of the Byrds
     A - Bro | Bru - Bu | C
     Da - Di | Do - E | F | G
     H - J | K - Lea | Lev - Ma
     Me - Mu | N | O - Pa
     Pe - Q | Ra - Ri | Ro - Ru
     S | T - V | W - Z
  Artists Influenced by the Byrds
      A-L | M-Z
  Byrd / Not a Byrd

Reference Section
  Plasticware: Discographies
     Byrds | Burritos | McGuinn
     Clark | Crosby | Hillman | Clarke
     Kelley | Gram Parsons | White
     Gene Parsons | York | Battin
  Back Pages: Bibliographies
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     Clark | Crosby | Hillman
     Gram Parsons | White | Other Byrds
     Related Topics | Music References
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The Byrd Sanctuary
  Thoughts & Words: Feedback
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Welcome to ByrdWatcher! The ByrdWatcher Website contains a wealth of information about one of the most important rock bands of all time. The Byrds brought many new musical influences into rock, and in turn exerted a powerful influence on many of their contemporaries and younger musicians. For years now, my own interest in the Byrds has led me to discover dozens of other great bands I now love. In time that interest even helped me to develop an appreciation for country music, a genre I once scorned.
     Because of their connections to so much other fascinating music, the Byrds are peculiarly well-suited to the hypertext format of the Web. To help the curious explore these musical ties, ByrdWatcher contains hundreds of links to information on this site and elsewhere. So even if you think you know everything there is to know about the Byrds, you're likely to find something new and interesting at -- or through -- this site.
     Many of the pages on ByrdWatcher are set up to allow interaction with and among users, so please participate! And of course, we want your feedback, at Correct mistakes; offer opinions; ask questions. I've met some great people thanks to a love for this band, and I look forward to meeting many more of you through this site.
     All the member profiles, other than the one for David Crosby, are already written but not yet 'ported into HTML. They will be rolled out as time permits. The Crosby profile and the Byrds History Section will be rolled out after that. (The Crosby profile may not be up for some time, but right now you can check out the ByrdWatcher Interview with David Crosby!) Bookmark this site and keep checking back -- there'll be lots of new stuff here in the future. Enjoy!

Tim Connors

Byrdwatcher has had visits since its launch on March 25, 1997.

"When it comes to information,
I believe that more is better."

          -- Roger McGuinn
"I believe that information
is a pearl beyond price."

          -- David Crosby

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Courtesy A&M Records

The Story of the
Flying Burrito Brothers

Courtesy Sugar Hill Records

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Courtesy County Records

Byrd / Not A Byrd

Courtesy Sierra Records

The Story of
Nashville West

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